We proudly announce that AI4PPP Erasmus+ partners are working on the gap analysis, as part of the first Project Result.

As part of the AI4PPP project, partners will deliver a well-rounded, high value transferable educational and training program in AI. In order to do it efficiently and in accordance with the target groups’ needs, it is necessary to conduct the research as a first step.

This is why, at the beginning of this exciting project, partners are investigating academic supply related to AI, accessible at HEIs and other education providers in partner countries. On the other hand, partners are analyzing the current market needs in terms of competences and experience required for AI community actors and other occupations using AI.

Once the gap analysis will be finalized, it will bring an in-depth overview of the issues and challenges which different stakeholders have when the approach AI. In the same time, the analysis will describe AI potential and steps towards education paths for HEIs with focus on MBA courses and business sector.

The gap analysis represents the background for designing and structuring syllabi, educational materials and pilot cases that are envisaged within next project results.

Big thanks to the partners’ experts, diligently working on the project activities:

  • Algebra University College (Croatia)
  • School of Applied Social Sciences (Slovenia)
  • University of Alcalá (Spain).

We are looking forward to our gap analysis results and we will keep informing about out milestones!

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