The successful completion of the first milestone of AI4PPP project was a good opportunity to meet with the project partners. The meeting took place online and was attended by all partners involved in the project implementation. At the meeting, results of the Gap Analysis: Understanding AI Potential, the first outcome of the project, were discussed. Algebra University College was the lead of this set of activities, but thanks to the support and contribution of all our partners, we successfully reached the first project result. The gap analysis report showed, among other things:

  1. a tremendous need for AI-based solutions in companies,
  2. lack of awareness among executives of AI opportunities,
  3. lack of AI-related content in MBA curricula and educational programmes.

The obtained results will be used to implement further project activities. One of them, which will be implemented in the next project result, is the DACUM analysis. We know that through great cooperation with our project partners we will achieve our main objective – delivering innovative and transferable training programme in AI!

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