From the beginning of March 2023, Erasmus+ AI4PPP project partners – teams from the School of Applied Social Sciences in Slovenia, the University of Alcalá in Spain, and Algebra University College in Croatia, have been collaboratively developing educational materials. These materials will support the partnership in accomplishing the main project objective – to deliver an innovative and transferable training program in AI for non-tech C-level managers and those who will become ones!

As educational materials will be developed for adoption during classes with MBA students and MA business students, they will represent applicable business cases that will showcase practical adoption of AI in particular industries that will lead students to an understanding of the theoretical aspects, avoiding very technical approach but rather aiming towards an understanding of AI technology and its potential for bringing innovations and improvements to everyday business environment.

Partners are developing 9 complete educational modules, each module representing one business case and covering 20 school hours. Topics of educational modules are the following:

  1. Future of delivery
  2. Career path management
  3. Mechanics and dynamics of a smart city
  4. Traveller experience
  5. Future of drivers in autonomous vehicles
  6. Supply chain management in manufacturing
  7. Future of services in hospitality
  8. Future of services in human resources
  9. Procurement in healthcare

By selecting a wide range of topics, partnership ensured that educational modules will cover a comprehensive spectrum of knowledge and skills essential for addressing the diverse needs and challenges across industries (logistics, education, urban management, tourism, automotive and manufacturing industry, hospitality, human resources, and healthcare). Additionally, by choosing various range of topics, partnership ensured that the modules would be suitable for a diverse body of C-level managers coming from different business environments. All modules will be driven by industry examples and will be based on the demand analysis carried out in the previous project phases.

Once finalized, educational modules will represent ready-to-use, open-access educational materials that will provide both professors and students with all materials necessary for the successful implementation of teaching/learning process. In other words, educational modules will be prepared as “off the shelf” materials that could be used to create new or improve existing study programs in higher education or in adult training.

Big thanks to our partners!

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