Following the successful completion of PR 4, where educational modules were finalized and made available in a repository for open-access, AI4PPP partnership is now shifting its focus towards initiating work on PR 5 – Module piloting and improvement.

The current phase, characterized by pilot testing, holds immense promise in refining our educational materials and enhancing the learning experience for diverse audiences.

At its core, the pilot phase will serve as a crucial testing ground for the educational modules developed in PR 4. It will entail deploying these materials across various learning environments and target groups, ranging from higher education lectures to face-to-face training sessions. Through this process, we aim to gather invaluable data on the effectiveness of our learning activities, which will enable us to refine content and delivery methods.

While the direct engagement with students is planned for spring 2024, our partner institutions are diligently preparing for the upcoming pilot phase. Activities are underway to ensure seamless execution, including the meticulous planning of student interactions and the evaluation of pilot outcomes. This concerted effort underscores our commitment to delivering a robust and impactful educational experience.

As we look ahead, the pilot phase will extend beyond academic realms, providing an opportunity for employees to apply newfound skills in real-world settings. Their feedback and performance will be instrumental in shaping future iterations of our educational materials and training programs.

In essence, the commencement of PR 5 will signify a pivotal moment in our project’s trajectory. Through pilot testing, we aim to validate our training program and refine educational resources, ultimately enhancing AI literacy for non-tech C-level managers across diverse sectors. As we embark on this journey, we remain steadfast in our dedication to advancing AI education and expertise.

AI4PPP project partners – teams from the School of Applied Social Sciences in Slovenia, the University of Alcalá in Spain, and Algebra University in Croatia – will work on this PR until 30 June 2024.

Stay tuned for further updates as we navigate through the pilot phase, reaffirming our commitment to innovation and excellence in AI education.