AI4PPP Erasmus+ partners gathered again in person, as part of the second Transnational Meeting of the project. This time, our meeting was organized and hosted by School of Applied Social Sciences, in whose premises in Ljubljana (Slovenia) partners met on the two-day meeting.

In the end of 2022 and beginning of 2023, AI4PPP partners were busy with developing syllabi. The aim of the syllabi is to prescribe learning outcomes that learners will achieve and skills they will acquire after going through specially designed AI4PPP educational materials. School of Applied Social Sciences was leading organization of the activities related to the syllabi development, with all other partners contributing to delivering the syllabi with their expertise.

Furthermore, School of Applied Social Sciences was organizer and host of the second Transnational Meeting, which was held on 6h and 7th March 2023. Representatives of all project partners actively participated on the meeting, presenting results done so far, planning next steps and discussing project’s impact so far and the one that is yet to come.

In the first part of the meeting, partners discussed about Project Result 3 (Syllabi development). Victor Cepoi (School of Applied Social Sciences) presented the final version of the syllabi. Presentation was followed by a fruitful discussion – partners pointed out crucial parts of the syllabi that will represent ground for next project activities as part of Project Result 4.

Monika Rohlik Tunjić (Algebra University College) presented objectives and timeframe of the Project Result 4 – EDU materials development. Partners will jointly work on developing AI4PPP educational materials and University of Alcalá project team will lead and coordinate partners’ activities. After its completion, PR 4 will deliver well-rounded, high value transferable educational and training programme in AI for MBA and MA business students.

Partners discussed about process of creating EDU materials from the perspective of project’s target group. It was concluded that partners’ aim will be to develop EDU materials in a way that will best suit target groups’ needs identified in the beginning of the project. Once finalized, materials will help future high-level non-IT managers to acquire crucial skillsets in order to be able to bring AI-related innovations to their companies and ensure companies’ growth.

Big thanks to our partners, experts from School of Applied Social Sciences (Slovenia) and University of Alcalá (Spain) for their diligent work and effort!

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