AI4PPP project aims to deliver an innovative and transferable training programme in AI. In order to accomplish that main goal, partners are working on few sets of activities.

In the beginning of a project, partners conducted a comprehensive research which resulted with a Gap Analysis report. Among other things, Gap Analysis revealed that there is a tremendous need for AI-based solutions in companies, that there is a lack of awareness among executives about AI opportunities as well as that MBA curricula and educational programmes lack of AI related content.

Therefore, project partners upgraded the first research with a second one as part of Project Result 2, whose aim goal is DACUM. DACUM (Developing A Curriculum) is a quick yet highly valid job analysis technique. The DACUM process is used to determine the competencies that should be addressed in a training curriculum for a specific occupation.

DACUM is based on three premises:

  • expert workers can better describe their job than anyone else,
  • any job can be effectively described in terms of the competencies or tasks that successful workers in that occupation perform,
  • the specific knowledge, skills, attitudes and tools required by workers in order to correctly perform their tasks can also be described.

Therefore, AI4PPP project partners performed the DACUM with non-ICT high-level managers from different industries in Croatia, Slovenia and Spain and identified key challenges that managers face when it comes to adopting AI based solutions.

DACUM Analysis encompasses three crucial parts:

  • Key AI facts (why we cannot escape from AI),
  • key challenges that managers face when it comes to adopting AI-based solutions,
  • skillsets that future high-level non-IT managers should acquire in order to be able to develop their business with the help of AI.

You can find the DACUM Analysis here

Based on skillsets pointed out in the DACUM, partners will start working on the next project results –Syllabi development and educational materials development.

Big thanks to our partners, experts from School of Applied Social Sciences (Slovenia) and University of Alcalá (Spain) for their diligent work and effort!

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