Since March 2023, the collaborative efforts of Erasmus+ AI4PPP project partners – teams from the School of Applied Social Sciences in Slovenia, the University of Alcalá in Spain, and Algebra University College in Croatia – have culminated in the successful development of educational materials as part of Project Result 4 (PR4).

PR4 is a big step forward for the AI4PPP project, focusing on the creation of teaching and learning materials that can be used in different ways to help people in different industries learn about artificial intelligence (AI). These materials are not only designed to redefine the learning landscape but are also aimed at providing a practical understanding of AI technology for MBA and MA business students.

The nine comprehensive educational modules cover a wide range of topics, including:

  1. Future of delivery
  2. Career path management
  3. Mechanics and dynamics of a smart city
  4. Traveller experience
  5. Future of drivers in autonomous vehicles
  6. Supply chain management in manufacturing
  7. Future of services in hospitality
  8. Future of services in human resources
  9. Future of services in healthcare

The modules incorporate various methodologies, including role-playing, debates, case studies, writing to learn, small group learning, assessment as learning, problem-based learning, service learning, and distance learning/online learning methodology. The materials are also designed to be output-based, which means that they are focused on helping students learn specific skills. This will make it easier for universities and businesses to use the materials in their own training programs.

The completion of educational materials is not the end but rather a beginning. AI4PPP is committed to continuous improvement through ongoing demand analysis, ensuring the modules stay current and relevant in the ever-evolving market.

These open-access educational modules are now ready for use, providing professors and students with all the resources they need to succeed in teaching and learning. We encourage anyone interested to download them using the provided link.