Syllabi development

Under this Project Result, project partners developed the syllabus which offers ideas that can improve the way teaching is currently practiced in higher education, in population of MBA and MA Business students, who are exceptionally oriented towards the business value.

The course syllabus serves as a contract between the instructor and students that clearly outlines course details. Therefore, AI4PPP syllabus is designed to communicate expectations for the course. As this is the learning-centred syllabus, it focuses on the students and prerequisites to become effective students, providing several pieces of useful information to students. Syllabus provides information about how to plan for the tasks and experiences of the semester, how to evaluate and monitor one’s performance, and how to allocate time and resources to areas in which more learning is needed. Additionally, the syllabus gives guidance to students about the learning to be done in the course and will help students to identify whether or not they are prepared for the work the course involves, and if not, what they might do about it. The syllabus provides pieces of context about the course content and describes how the course will enrich the students’ lives answering the question “Why do we have to learn this?”.