Module piloting and improvement

The educational modules developed as Project Result 4 will be piloted – integrated into the learning environments of project partners using the syllabi developed as the Project Result 3. The main objective of this process is twofold. On one side, it will support partners in their effort in planning, implementing and evaluating of innovative and efficient approaches in AI learning, and, on the other, will contribute to the popularisation of the AI among the widest audience piloting real cases selected among different industries (especially MBA students ones).

The aim of piloting is to deploy and test the educational materials developed in courses for different target groups and in different environments: higher educational lectures, workbooks, face-to-face training, simulation; to test a methodology; to gather data about the effectiveness of learning in the courses and to analyze this data and obtain indications of how to improve the content or form of deployment. Piloting process will be based on the resources made available on the platform. The big advantage of piloting is that many AI viewpoints can be incorporated into the process. It also represents an adaptive environment for learning and communication among two different target groups (AI experts and non-AI experts) and a central focal point around which other project activities may revolve.

Piloting process will include following phases: involving the target groups, selection of the most suitable courses to use platform in education environment, piloting the platform in real cases and finally evaluating of the pilot process in order to assess whether educational materials were effective in practice and to improve learning resources.