About the project

Universities in general and MBA programs, in particular, are in a unique position to significantly raise the awareness of leaders in the public and private sector of the prospects offered by careful, but at the same time bold applicative possibilities of AI. MBA students represent a concentrated group of likely future leaders who, given a sound understanding of AI and its almost unpredictable opportunities, can react in their local surroundings cater for a significant change in attitudes and trust towards AI.

Europe’s current and future sustainable economic growth and societal wellbeing increasingly draw on value created by data, while the keyword is – sustainable. AI is one of the most important applications of the data economy and thus the probably crucial tool for business development that cares for people, planet and profit at the same time.

Our main objective and aims

The main objective of the AI4PPP project is to deliver an innovative and transferable training programme in AI through conducting gap and DACUM analysis, developing training syllabi and learning materials as well as piloting materials, implementing AI-empowered scenarios in selected industries preparing for certification validation based on micro-credentials concept.

The aim of AI4PPP project is to provide to our target groups not only a basic understanding of AI, the language surrounding the technological and social aspects of AI, but also to show how it works and to show the potential of its future implementations in all professions and industries. Research shows that C-level executives are looking for support in technology in order to maintain the market positions of their companies. Many applicants of educational programs, especially executives, point out that they are willing to accept the digital transformation and emerging technologies as part of their organizations, but have a lack of understanding on how to evaluate benefits, how to make the first step and how to guide technology implementation and organization’s human capacity management in order to keep up with digital age.

This target group is more than ever open to educational institutions instead of big tech vendors, understanding that they need to improve knowledge and be able to adapt their mindsets, rather than looking for short-term answers often provided through advertisements of big tech. We believe to be able to contribute in this way to the eradication of misconceptions around AI and to the creation of an all-inclusive ecosystem, where different members of the community will be armed with the basic skills needed to adapt to a changing world, in which AI will be prevalent.

Our project will help alleviate the current misconceptions surrounding AI through education and skill acquisition. Currently, the demand in the fields of AI R&D outweighs the supply of a skilled workforce. This demand is expected to grow exponentially within the next ten years. Finally, AI development demands diversity in all avenues of its creation and implementation.

Our project results

The project will ensure production of the following results:

Project Start Date:

  • 1.1.2022.

Project End Date:

  • 1.1.2025.

Project Total Duration:

  • 36 months

Total Project Budget:

  • 303.129,00 EUR